Alterations and Improvements To Your Home

If you are proposing to carry out an improvement or alteration to your home (other than internal redecoration or minor cosmetic changes), your tenancy agreement requires you obtain our permission before starting work. Please read the  Schedule of conditions 2018 [doc] 508KB carefully and complete the form below giving as much information about the alterations as you can. Once we have recieved your completed form we will reply to you within 28 days informing you of our decision, subject to any appropriate conditions.

Occasionally we may refuse permission but we will tell you our reasons. Please do not begin the work until you have recieved permission in writing from us, as unauthorised work would need to be put back to its original condition at your own expense.

Please note; we are unable to grant permission if you are within the 12 month period of a starter tenancy or in a breach of tenancy (see  Schedule of conditions 2018[doc] 508KB schedule of conditions for more information).

Alterations Form

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