Improving the way we deliver services to customers

Fortis Living is constantly reviewing and revising the way we deliver excellent homes and services to our customers. We are currently working to transform how customers access and experience our range of services. 

Our local offices have been underutilised for a number of years and we feel the money and resources used to keep these open for the few, could be better invested to benefit all of our customers. This, combined with a business move to consolidate our operations onto one Worcester site, has led to a decision to close our offices in Malvern and Warndon in summer 2018.  This will enable us to deliver an improved, more flexible customer service approach; you will still be able to call us on 0330 123 0700, visit our website or email us. You will also be able to book an appointment with some members of our team (depending on your query) and they will visit you at home.

Improving the way we deliver services to customers

Keep your personal information up to date

Wherever you go, people want to know your business; your age, gender, sexuality, race, religion, whether you’re disabled but where does all this information go? It goes to help make things better. It tells us basic information about you which we  use to help us better plan your services, answer your queries and make sure we are hitting the mark. We can’t change things without your help - so please tell us about any changes to your personal details by contacting us. You can check and change some information we hold about you through the 'My Account' online customer portal.

Find out more about why this information is important in our guide - Whats it got to do with you?.pdf [pdf] 161KB

Manage Your Tenancy Online

You can now keep track of your tenancy through our online customer portal, 'My Account'. By registering with this service you can see:

  • Your rent account
  • Personal details we hold about you and update them
  • Repairs history for your tenancy
  • Planned work for your property e.g. kitchens/bathroom fitting
  • Report non-emergency repairs

You can register online or if you are having difficulties you can call us 0330 123 0700 and we can talk you through the process, please note in order to safeguard your online security we cannot set up the account for you.

Looking after our open spaces

Here's a brief summary of the grounds maintenance work we do.

2017 GM spec summary.pdf [pdf] 181KB