Fortis Award Winners

Fortis Award Winners

Fortis Awards 2017

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The winners of the Fortis Awards 2017 are:

Young Volunteer of the Year

Young dedicated volunteer (age 13-18) who has made a positive impact with their volunteering.

Winner: Phoebe Chan

Volunteer of the Year      

Dedicated volunteer who has made a positive impact with their volunteering.

Winner:Joyce Brown

Community Involvement Award

Contributions that have a positive, long-term impact on a local community.

Winner: Liz Jauncey

Inspirational Award (Open to all ages)

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Winner: Liam Jones

Kids in the Community

Kids (age 8-12) who have positively taken part in community activities.

Winner: Oasis News Crew - Jorja Tyrrell, Zach Yong & Keira Walker

Group Community Project

A group of people that have come together to deliver a project that has made a positive impact on their community.

Winner: Go On Worcestershire Digital Champions

Communities Week Project of the Year

The best project from Fortis Living's Communities Weeki in September

Winner: DIY SOS Oasis