A Fair Working Place

Fortis Living is strongly committed to ensuring that equality of opportunity, valuing diversity and culture of inclusivity are key principles in our business. We have a legal duty to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunities for all and work hard to foster good relations between people representing different groups.  Put simply, we want to make sure everyone gets a Fair Deal.  

We work to do our best to treat everyone with fairness regardless of their background and support both our staff and tenants to succeed in what they want to achieve. Our duty includes standing up against prejudice, intolerance and acting when people are bullied or harassed. Our organisation communicates a zero tolerance approach to discriminatory attitudes or practice from staff, partners, contractors, suppliers, customers and from individuals in the communities in which we work.

We aim to build a workforce that reflects the communities we work with. We always recruit and retain the most talented people for any role, regardless of age, disability, gender identity and gender expression, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. We have diversity staff groups that help us to develop a culture of inclusivity,  for more information about our groups visit the Life@Fortis page. 

Our HR policies also support inclusivity with a family friendly approach to flexible working and a zero tolerance to any kind of harassment, bullying, victimising or discrimination.

Find out more about the Fortis Fair Deal.

What our employees say about working here

"‘Fortis Living is the first company I have ever worked for with an LGBTQ+ Staff Network, which I am immensely proud to be part of. The fact I have been allowed and encouraged to actively promote LGBT inclusion within my working day has made me feel welcomed and accepted as an openly gay member of staff."

“When I became unwell with my mental health my manager was very supportive and understanding. I made use of the counselling sessions available through work, which I found extremely helpful. When I returned to work, small adjustments were made that allowed me to feel comfortable enough to continue my full job role. Since then my mental health has improved and because of my positive experience I have felt comfortable enough to open up to the whole company about my experience with mental health.”

“As a member of staff who is registered blind I feel well supported by both my colleagues who have amended their working practices and the company who have provided specialised equipment and software so that I can work as an equal and make a difference.”

“Being able to work from home occasionally has given me the flexibility to strike my work/ life balance."

“I feel fortunate to be able to work part time since returning from maternity leave and have always found there is flexibility to meet both my home and my work commitments."