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We are supporting Srebrenica Memorial Day

We will take part in a civic event on Tuesday 9 July at Worcester’s Guildhall from 1.00pm until 2.00pm to commemorate 2019’s Srebrenica Memorial Week, which runs from Sunday 7 to Sunday 14 July.

This year’s theme is entitled ‘Bridging the Divide : Confronting Hate’ which aims to inspire people to challenge those who wish to divide communities, celebrate those who build bridges between communities and change attitudes and behaviours in others to go out and build bridges of their own.

The memorial day is organised by Remembering Srebrenica, a charity that raises awareness about the genocide in the town.

The Mayor will preside over this civic event.

Tom Piotrowski, our Diversity and Inclusion Advisor said : “We need bridge builders more than ever in our divided society.  The relative peace and prosperity which we have taken for granted for such a long time in this country comes under pressure from all sorts of directions.  As a housing provider with a strong sense of social purpose we are keen to build communities as well as homes. Whether it’s bridging gaps enabling better social mobility through inclusive recruitment or through our community engagement activities, we want to make a positive difference for our customers and all local residents.  Above all, we are as resolute as ever about challenging hate and prejudice, under all guises.”

The Mayor of Worcester, Councillor Allah Ditta said: “The conflict that tore apart communities in Bosnia was marked by dangerous rhetoric that tried to create division and promote distrust.”

“We in Worcester will be remembering Srebrenica because far from being confined to the past, this language of division is familiar today to people across the world.  As a city we must continue to promote respect and tolerance for people with different views and beliefs to our own.  Celebrating difference is what makes Worcester a strong and welcoming city.”

Dr Waqar Azmi OBE, Chairman of Remembering Srebrenica said: “With a rise in hate crime and the growth of those who promote division, we are inspired and encouraged that thousands of people across the UK are commemorating the Srebrenica genocide by uniting communities against hate. Such activities will play a powerful part in changing attitudes and behaviours, and remind us of the importance of building bridges.”

Remembering Srebrenica was founded in 2013 and has taken more than 1,100 British citizens to Srebrenica to learn about the genocide through the Lessons from Srebrenica programme which is funded by central government.