Get Involved

We have spent the last few months looking at the opportunities that we offer for you to get involved and have your say.

As part of this work we completed the following key tasks

  • Review of the regulatory standard
  • An external expert came in to make recommendations on options for the future
  • We talked to you about how you wanted to get involved and have your say

Key findings from the consultation was as follows:

Web Form At a Meeting At an Event Email Survey Phone Survey Postal Survey Facebook Tenants Day
How would you like to have your say?
9% 9% 15% 19% 10% 14% 19% 5%

The overwhelming methods that customers wanted to have their say is e-mail or Facebook, this supports the move to more digital engagement methods proposed in the new structure.

As a result of your feedback we have developed a new model. You can see this below. The new model will be in place by April 2018 and offers a variety of ways for you to have your say!

Mystery Shoppers Needed

We are looking for Mystery Shoppers to test our services, we will provide ongoing training opportunities for this, if you are interested in this we will be providing a training session on Tuesday 27th February 2018.

In Person

Fortis Forum, Discussion Groups, Mystery Shoppers, Youth on Board (YOB)

In Communities

Fortis Funder, Environmental Rep, Estate Ranger, Community Gardener, Fitness Follower, Teen Champs, Step Up Volunteers,

In Touch

Home Panel, Fortis Followers, Editorial Panel, Service Testing, Newshounds, Complaints Panel, Fortis Voices,

In Sight

Feedback from complaints, Themes, Avoidable contacts, Complaints, compliments, Social media, Survey findings