We believe in better people

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Whether it’s the simplest of tasks or something more complex like fitting a new heating system, we’ve one aim, to do it better. Better than last time we did it. Better than our peers. Better as a company. Better as individuals who keep on learning and developing.

Better, because that’s what sets us apart. 

We want to work with people who have the willingness to improve and the courage to challenge.  We want to attract positive, optimistic people who will help make Fortis Living an upbeat and positive place to work - The Fortis Way.


Image showing company value of Responsible
We understand how to deliver a great service and care about meeting our customers needs.

We're open and honest about what we're able to do.

We treat people with respect and we're accountable for our work.

We stick to our word and do what we say we'll do.


Logo for Commercial value We're passionate about our communities and the work we deliver.

We 'Live Fortis' and our customers recognise our determination and 'can do' attitude.

We make sure that whilst our business is delivering today it's still moving ahead tomorrow.


Logo for company value of Professional We know that people are the lifeblood of Fortis Living, so we put customers and colleagues at the heart of everything we do.

Our success depends on listening and communicating, getting the right response to a customer or supporting a colleague in their work.

We pride ourselves on getting things right first time and on time.


Logo for company value of Inspirational We believe in the power of being positive and upbeat and we carry this through all of our relationships.

Our optimism helps us learn and recognise our own potential and that of others.

We know we can really make the world of difference to the communities we invest in and the work we do.


Logo for company value of Innovative We're creative in our outlook and we're always finding a better way of doing things.

We welcome feedback because it helps us to make sure the business is continually improving.

We prefer to make suggestions rather than wait to be asked because we understand the value of making changes that work.