Your Questions Answered

We know you will be wondering how the partnership will affect you. The questions answered here may help.

Will rents or service charges go up?

Not as a result of this. Our rent and service charge policies won’t change.

Will my right to buy/acquire change?

If you have the right to buy/acquire now, it will be preserved.

Will the FPC repairs service change?

No, you will continue to report repairs by calling Fortis Connect on 0330 123 0700 or online at Your trusted FPC team will continue to do your work.

Will my tenancy conditions change?

No. Your tenancy agreement and conditions will stay the same. Any changes that may happen in the future will be in line with best practice and not related to this partnership.

Who will deal with my queries?

Our Fortis Connect team will continue to deal with your phone and online queries, or if you visit the office. The local housing teams you work with now will also continue to be there. You can deal with them as you have always done and you can still use the same telephone number.

Will Fortis Living and FPC continue locally?

Yes. One of the main things we share with Waterloo is the commitment to make a difference by working locally. Your local teams will still be there, operating from our new Worcester office. We are sure that coming together will help us make our local services even better.

Will you continue to be involved in local communities?

Yes, our community work and community initiatives are really important to us and we know how much it is valued. Building better lives and making a positive contribution to the communities you live in are key to both businesses. By coming together, we can do even more.

Will customers still be involved in Fortis Living work?

Putting customers at the heart of what we do is a crucial part of the work of both businesses. We are quite rightly proud of the involvement work we already do and the plans we already have in place to make it more effective. We are committed to ensuring it improves even more.

Will existing offices remain open?

We already had plans to close offices in Warndon and Malvern which we told you about earlier this year. All our operations will be delivered from our enlarged Worcester office and by our local teams becoming more mobile.

What will happen to planned home improvements?

All current planned improvements will continue as normal.